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        The college has one first-level discipline doctoral degree program, one second-level discipline doctoral degree program, three first-level discipline master's degree programs, six second-level disc...
        The School of Management currently offers twelve undergraduate major disciplines, including management science, marketing, logistics management, information management, e-commerce, business managem...
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  • 2020-07-02OVERVIEW
    The school of management currently has over 180 faculty members, including 149 full-time teaching staff, 25 professors and 50associate professors, in which 72 of them holding a PhD degree. In the past three years, the school has recruited more than 10 talented young scientists from well-known universities and research institutions worldwide.
    The contact :Mr. Lin,Tel:020-87084733,E-mail:bmqlin@sina.cn联系人:林老师,电话:020-87084733,邮箱:bmqlin@sina.cn

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